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Welcome to the S.S.D.S

StarSpace Distribution System

The S.S.D.S is the Navigational Interface for content creation

and exploration within the

Zoltar Universe.

The S.S.D.S also works as a content filter for creators to target their personal perspective interests.

What is the Dragon Starship?

The Dragon Starship is You!
You've made it to the interior structure of the egoic body of consciousness.  


Now Interfacing User Data Transference -SUPEREGO

-SUPEREGO Avatar Iconics 

Dragon Starship - WEB - V1.3 Creatives.png

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is the Curator of the Eternal Registry System.  All data transference process variables are designed to architecture user interface integrations.


My Purple Elephant is a benevolent guide with one purpose and that is to make sure everything is colored more than just okay..

Dragon Starship - WEB -v1.9 Oracle G1PSI.png

Oracle G1PSI

The Genesis One Portal Structural Interface is a full spectrum system infrastructure.  The Oracle G1PSI is the infallible authority within the G1PSI.

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