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The Alchemist - Introduction

A Little Information

The Alchemist is a character archetype of a timeless game guide "awoken" by the Purple Elephant to manifest the Infinity Games entry point to the earthbound dimension of iconic beings. Previously manifesting to the symbolic Anonymous Mask of Guy Fawkes. Encouraged to appear as the future-born Hermes Trismegistus by the Purple Elephant to avoid negative associated traits to the toxic organization called Anonymous.

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What is an Alchemist?

An Alchemist is a person who transforms or creates something through a process of transmutation for example changing Lead into Gold, Sadness into Joy, Damaged into Healed, and ultimately ignorance into awareness. An Alchemist maintains a vocation of betterment and is only interested in the completion of the Philosophers Stone.

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Where does the Alchemist come from?

The Alchemist comes from a compartmentalized reality designed to a reflective node of the earthbound dimension. Deep within the centralized code of the singular conscious body. The Alchemist spends a linear infinity manufacturing dimensional vertices for object transference between the Spacebound Kingdoms of intergalactic proportions. The Alchemist was once an earthbound creature considered a mutation of a man with seemingly boundless intelligence. The Alchemist was conceived in the future and born to the past. Manifesting through the Zoltar Machine to administer the delivery of the Dragon Starship to Humankind.

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