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StarSpace Distribution System

Fulcrum Stratagem

Dragon Starship - WEB - v1.8 Fulcrum Stratagem.jpg

The Fulcrum Stratagem(FS) is the administrative radiance field(RF).  

Our focus in the FSRF is Project Implementation, Game Theory, Content Oversight, Community Standards, and the G1PSI Project Development Team.

Transmission Spectrum Network

Dragon Starship - WEB - v1.8 Transmission Spectrum Network.jpg

The Transmission Spectrum Network(TSN) is the communications radiance field(RF)

Our focus in the TSNRF is Content Proximity, Organizational Hierarchy, Objective Interpolation, Operational Coordinates, and Stewardship of the Renaissance Network.

PortalVerse Structural Analytics

Dragon Starship - WEB - v1.8 PortalVerse Structural Analytics.jpg

The PortalVerse Structural Analytics(PVSA) is the Graphic User Interface(GUI) radiance field(RF).

Our focus in the PVSARF is Content Development, Design Integration, Network Prioritization, Radiance Attributes, and the Superintendence of the Locality Spectrum

Pi-Rate Games

Dragon Starship - WEB - v1.8 Pi-Rate Games.jpg

The Pi-Rate Games(Pi-RG) is the Zoltar Universe Interface(ZUI) radiance field(RF).  Our focus in the Pi-RGRF is Gameplay, 5th Dimensional Story Platform, Dynamic Integration of Game Physics, the Starship Adventures, and the Administration of Directorial Radiance.

Radiance Club

Dragon Starship - WEB - v1.8 Radiance Club.jpg

The Radiance Club(RC) is the radiance field(RF) for the Creators. 

Our focus in the RCRF is to Cultivate Community, Content OperationsGame Participation, Rate and Review System, and the Keepers of the Quest.

Navigation Interface Integration

Dragon Starship - WEB - v1.8 Navigation Interface Integration.jpg

The Navigation Interface Integration(NII) is the parameters radiance field(RF)

Our focus in the NIIRF is Regulatory Oversight, Ethical Structures, Disciplinary Adjustments, Prestigious Accolades, and Arbiter Elegantiarum.

Starship Collective

Dragon Starship - WEB - v1.8 Starship Collective.jpg

The Starship Collective(SC) is the organizational radiance field(RF).

Our focus in the SCRF Tournament Teamplay, Espousal of Advocacy, Radiance Precedence, Locality Spectrum Alignment, and the Radiance Academy.

Dragon Starship - OTQ -v1.9 Spaceship Earth.png

Hey YOU!

Yah, you

Its your good ol' pal 

Integrating iconic..

The imperceivable infinity

I have received a Transmission by Candlelight that has informed me that the FEAR has taken domain over your Planet Portal.

So I have awoken the Alchemist

The Alchemist

Integrating iconic..

Dragon Starship - FTF -v1_edited_edited_

GOOD CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind of hard to be awokened when you operate outside of the conscious faculties of sleep.

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